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I am a proponent of all individuals needing inspiration no matter what they do, but especially illustrators.

Why?  Because inspiration is what ignites the motivation and passion to achieve something.  Without inspiration, a political speech would lack fervor.  Without inspiration, doctors might do more harm than good.  Without inspiration, I am convinced that most things we now find great or admire would simply be bland elements in the world around us.

I’ve heard the phrase, “Writers read.”  I believe that to be true to some degree.  A successful writer likely needs to read in order to be inspired to find new ways to convey stories, to learn about structure and content and word-choice.  How else could a writer’s vocabulary expand unless he reads?  In reading, I expect he finds a source of inspiration to compose his own stories.

I find I am most inclined to illustrate when I am inspired.  Now that inspiration doesn’t always come from the same source.  Often, observation of the world, interaction with other human beings, and simply sitting and thinking can be great sources of inspiration.  For my lot, I consider my Creator to be the greatest source of inspiration for all things I do.  But I also know that in a visual art I must be visually stimulated so that my brain finds new venues to create on the page the things I imagine.

For illustrative inspiration, I view Behance. There are many artists, artworks, and designs, and I can filter to view a type of art and also follow individuals whose works I like.  It is a good community for sharing work and Behance even features local portfolio reviews.  I am inspired by the idea of like-minded people coming together to help improve one another’s passions.  At Behance, I am often inspired such that it’s diffcult to contain my desire to begin working right away.

So at the end of the day, I conclude that the difference between good creativity and great creativity is inspiration.  In whatever you do, be sure that you’re inspired.