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  • AI-Driven CRM Infographic

  • The Aggression of Recession

    Today’s piece is inspired by the helplessness one experiences in a recession — faced with overwhelming odds of high gas prices, job prospects that are continually elusive, and the ominous sense that you are somehow being sniffed out by a ferocious predator who smells your fear, knows your weaknesses, and sees that your resources are either […]

  • Working with Crayon

    I like drawing. I like that my daughter likes drawing. So this weekend, I invited her for a drawing session and we found a comfy spot, sat down, and got our art on. I brought a pad and pencil. She chose a coloring book and crayons as her arsenal for aesthetic warfare. And we began. As […]

  • The Thorn or the Salve?

    Here we are again.  You’re reading. I’m writing. And I’ve updated the site, which meant sweeping away the cobwebs, getting rid of some less-than-desirable works, and adding in some more current work. Truth is, I had let this site go on too long without a little love and care. I thought the site more of […]

  • Thriving or Surviving

    Every day you wake up and breathe, it is another opportunity to do something legen — wait for it — dary. But we don’t really think of it that way.  I suppose if I were to interview a thousand very honest people and ask them about the first thing they think of when they wake […]

  • The Art of Seeing What’s Not There, Or, Imagination

    Yesterday, my daughter — who has been a constant source of amazement for me lately — decided to take a fake cardboard guitar we made for her and stand on the coffee table in our living room to give a brief, private concert.  (She didn’t end up singing because she apparently has early on-set stage […]

  • iOS 7 and Flat Design

    After so much scientific proof to the contrary, maybe — just maybe — the world is flat. No longer are we trying to capture realism with Apple’s former vanguard in skeumorphism.  No longer are we slapping a ton of gradients and drop shadows everywhere.  No way.  That’s the past.  The future is flat design.  And […]

  • The Paradox of Privacy

    You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.  You can’t both possess it and enjoy it.  In it’s most literal sense —  once you eat the cake in its entirety, you no longer “have” it in the same way that you once did. In this age of social media, the outcry for privacy in […]

  • Art Critics Everywhere

    Art critics — they’re everywhere. As a Graphic Designer, it’s difficult to be hired to design something because of your field of expertise, only to be criticized by someone who has no idea what he is talking about.  Immediately the old adage, “everyone’s a critic” comes to mind.  It’s not the criticism that bothers me. […]

  • The Fear of the Blank Page

    Even before I began to compose this, I didn’t know where to begin. At the beginning of nearly every illustration, I have a fear of the blank page. And isn’t that the point?  For all the planning, outlining, themes, topics, and elements of a composition — whether it be for writing or art or whatever […]