Month: June 2014

  • The Aggression of Recession

    Today’s piece is inspired by the helplessness one experiences in a recession — faced with overwhelming odds of high gas prices, job prospects that are continually elusive, and the ominous sense that you are somehow being sniffed out by a ferocious predator who smells your fear, knows your weaknesses, and sees that your resources are either […]

  • Working with Crayon

    I like drawing. I like that my daughter likes drawing. So this weekend, I invited her for a drawing session and we found a comfy spot, sat down, and got our art on. I brought a pad and pencil. She chose a coloring book and crayons as her arsenal for aesthetic warfare. And we began. As […]

  • The Thorn or the Salve?

    Here we are again.  You’re reading. I’m writing. And I’ve updated the site, which meant sweeping away the cobwebs, getting rid of some less-than-desirable works, and adding in some more current work. Truth is, I had let this site go on too long without a little love and care. I thought the site more of […]