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Here we are again. ¬†You’re reading. I’m writing. And I’ve updated the site, which meant sweeping away the cobwebs, getting rid of some less-than-desirable works, and adding in some more current work.

Truth is, I had let this site go on too long without a little love and care. I thought the site more of a recurring thorn I needed to extricate on occasion rather than a salve for the wounds of work famines. I hope to give my cast-aside love a bit more attention.

Actually, I’m in the progress of updating the site’s overall look with my good friend and developer Brad Doss. So even this current update to the site will change significantly in the near future.

Take a look around at the Designs and Illustrations.

Please contact me if you think you’d want to hire me for a long-term relationship. I’ve told freelancing that I’m filing for a divorce, and though she doesn’t believe me now, she will when she sees I’m packed up and gone.