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I like drawing. I like that my daughter likes drawing.

So this weekend, I invited her for a drawing session and we found a comfy spot, sat down, and got our art on.

I brought a pad and pencil. She chose a coloring book and crayons as herĀ arsenal for aesthetic warfare.

And we began.

As I watched her color, I noticed that the texture produced by the crayon was interesting and inviting, and I thought, maybe I should grab hold and take advantage of that. Funny thing is — I couldn’t help but take something serious (Batman) and turn into something a bit more childish. Which I’m sure was a result of using the crayon.

Here is a part of what happened during our little creative session:

crayon_batmanbust crayon_robin crayon_batman

It’s important to spend time with your kids — and it’s also important to have fun. I’d hate to think there was ever a time in my life when I would take myself so seriously that I couldn’t pick up a crayon and get silly.

Try it some time. I think you’ll find it’s quite liberating.