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The Aggression of Recession

Today’s piece is inspired by the helplessness one experiences in a recession — faced with overwhelming odds of high gas prices, job prospects that are continually elusive, and the ominous sense that you are somehow being sniffed out by a ferocious predator who smells your fear, knows your weaknesses, and sees that your resources are either running low or are altogether depleted.

Notice, though, that the sun still shines and the skies are blue. And though our subject is in the valley, there is an implication he might be able to climb his way out — after all, he is still standing.


Interviewing for the following position: Employer

Following is a list of questions I drafted for interviewing prospective employers:

*What are your qualifications as an employer?
*How many have you employed in the past five years?
*What has been your turnover rate in the past five years?
*Are you continuously marketing yourself to new Clients?
*Do you know what the internet is?
*Are you on electronic mail, or are you on email?
*Do you know what social media is, and if so, do you use it?
*Can you list 3 social media platforms?
*Do you pay your employees and your interns?
*Do you offer benefits outside the normal list (i.e. medical, dental, 401k matching, etc.)?
*How many hours per week will be you working?
*Do you intend to be available during those hours?
*Do you honor an open-door policy of communication?
*What has been your experience with improvements suggested by your current or previous Staff?
*Do you view change as a threat or as an asset?
*Would you say you like to operate with the financial ethics of company like Enron? If yes, please explain.
*How valuable is graphic design to you?
*Do you encourage learning and growth? If yes, do you encourage it while an employee is “on the clock”?
*Do you see the economic recession as an opportunity to cut jobs and increase profit, or to increase job opportunities and moderate profit?
*How would you characterize your strengths? Weaknesses?
*Does Michael Scott work with you? Does Dwight Schrute work with you?
*Is the younger generation a toxin to our country, or a group of prospective workers with new ideas and approaches to age-old problems?
*Do you like to doodle during meetings?
*Do you offer coffee? Do you call expresso or espresso? Is Starbucks a company or a character in Moby Dick?
*Do you believe in vacation time? Have you ever taken it?
*Are you a strong communicator? Are you better at talking or listening?
*How many meetings per day or week would you say you average? How many do you prompt?
*Do you pay people to do work for you or do you pay people to pursue a career with you?
*Are you helping your employees pursue their passions, or do you like for individuals to remain fixed in positions for life?
*What is the difference between your company and a prison?
*Do you believe that socializing at work helps strengthen bonds between employees, or do you believe the socializing at work is a form of time theft?
*Would you willingly relinquish your position as employer if you felt there was a candidate within the company that might have more prosperous ideas to bring the company into a new era?
*Has an employee ever farted in front of you? What was your reaction?
*Do you believe that artificial intelligence represents a threat to mankind at large?
*What is the Matrix?
*If your company had a potluck, what would you bring?
*How many times a day would you say you smile?
*Have you ever fired a Client?
*Do you have a family? If yes, how well do you know them?

Working with Crayon

I like drawing. I like that my daughter likes drawing.

So this weekend, I invited her for a drawing session and we found a comfy spot, sat down, and got our art on.

I brought a pad and pencil. She chose a coloring book and crayons as her arsenal for aesthetic warfare.

And we began.

As I watched her color, I noticed that the texture produced by the crayon was interesting and inviting, and I thought, maybe I should grab hold and take advantage of that. Funny thing is — I couldn’t help but take something serious (Batman) and turn into something a bit more childish. Which I’m sure was a result of using the crayon.

Here is a part of what happened during our little creative session:

crayon_batmanbust crayon_robin crayon_batman

It’s important to spend time with your kids — and it’s also important to have fun. I’d hate to think there was ever a time in my life when I would take myself so seriously that I couldn’t pick up a crayon and get silly.

Try it some time. I think you’ll find it’s quite liberating.


The Thorn or the Salve?

Here we are again.  You’re reading. I’m writing. And I’ve updated the site, which meant sweeping away the cobwebs, getting rid of some less-than-desirable works, and adding in some more current work.

Truth is, I had let this site go on too long without a little love and care. I thought the site more of a recurring thorn I needed to extricate on occasion rather than a salve for the wounds of work famines. I hope to give my cast-aside love a bit more attention.

Actually, I’m in the progress of updating the site’s overall look with my good friend and developer Brad Doss. So even this current update to the site will change significantly in the near future.

Take a look around at the Designs and Illustrations.

Please contact me if you think you’d want to hire me for a long-term relationship. I’ve told freelancing that I’m filing for a divorce, and though she doesn’t believe me now, she will when she sees I’m packed up and gone.